speciality coffees in escondido ca

Our coffees from Carlsbad based Origen Coffee Roasters are designed to highlight the individual profiles of particular coffee-growing areas around the world. These coffees showcase the true taste of a place in its best form, and are a way for hardworking producers to earn a premium on a larger percentage of their annual harvest. These coffees have been measured and scored against a set of competitive sensory parameters, and we are always delighted by the results.

All our coffees must be organic, specialty coffee grade. Also SCAA scores must be higher (87 and above). We are more than happy to pay higher premiums to farmers who show higher standards and higher sustainability practices. Prices for such coffees are often two to three times higher. Origen Coffee Roasters delivers fresh beans to us each week to ensure quality and consistency.

We use the Hario V-60 pour over system to obtain the perfect cup of coffee. Our cold brew is made in-house from beans specially roasted for Sunny Side Kitchen by Origen Coffee Roasters. Even our espresso beans are roasted specifically for our La Spaziale espresso machine.

As you can see, we take coffee very seriously at Sunny Side Kitchen. We hope you will give it a try.

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