Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato

The BLT is such an iconic sandwich for a reason. When you combine these three ingredients together something magic happens. And when you pay extra attention to the quality of all three ingredients you are rewarded with something very special.

Let’s start with the bacon. We use the highest quality bacon in our sandwiches. We use Daily’s center cut, hardwood smoked, honey cured bacon. We bake it in the oven until it’s crispy, and then we set it between paper towels to get rid of the grease.

The bread is freshly baked sourdough from Bread & Cie right here in San Diego. We get a delivery every day and there are no preservatives in the bread. It is simply the finest sourdough we have ever tasted.

We use Roma tomatoes on our BLT and we slice them fairly thin. We use a nice balanced amount of tomatoes for the sandwich.

The lettuce we use is a leaf from a romaine heart. It’s crisp and tasty. We include some mayo on the side. Of course, we use the same bacon on some of our other offerings…like the Sunny Side Kitchen salad, the Works panini, the Bacon/Avo panini, and more.

Try one today!

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