best bacon & blts in escondido

We take bacon seriously at Sunny Side Kitchen. In fact, one of our ABCs is Always Bacon Cooking. We use Daily’s center cut, hardwood smoked, honey cured bacon. Daily’s uses center cut pork bellies and has the ideal lean-to-fat ratio that absorbs the real smoke (never artificial) and cures the best.

We bake our bacon in the oven until it is crisp. Some of our most popular bacon-centric dishes include:

  • The BLT, of course!
  • The Bacon Avocado Panini is just cheesy, balcony, avocado-y deliciousness!
  • The Sunny Side Kitchen Salad is a spinach salad with bacon as its main ingredient. Red onion, feta cheese, Craisins and walnuts add some texture and flavor.
  • Bacon goes great as a side for our quiche.
  • Add bacon to any sandwich or salad
  • Get bacon as a side dish